Friday, September 10, 2010

Electronic Health Records reality for Vets

According to an article at, the Veterans Affairs Office worked with the Medicaid & Medicare Programs at CMS, along with Health IT companies and other organizations, to develop an online portal where Vets will have access to their health records online. Beginning in October, this online portal will contain their medical records and could include self-entered health metrics such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate. The document can be downloaded with the click of a button and stored on most storage devices. An example of the report that Vets will have access to can be seen here.

The next phase in this project is to make sure the health records can be centralized in one place and determine how to authorize certain computers to have access to the information in order to protect the information.

Do you think other government organizations will follow in the Veterans Affairs Office steps? What could be the benefits of that?

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